10 Ways To Support The Resonance Fundraiser 2019

1. Set Up A Regular Donation Today

The most effective way to support us is to set-up a regular donation on our website. A regular income allows us to plan for the future. Resonance's hundreds of programmes come to you free across the airwaves: why not subscribe and help us to do more and better? You can set up a regular donation of any amount. We use this money to upgrade and repair equipment, maintain our facilities, pay the bills - and buy tea and coffee for our volunteers. Remember that as a registered charity (London Musicians' Collective Limited, reg. charity number 290236) we can claim 25p back in Gift Aid for every £1.00 that you donate, taking the value of your donations even further. £1 becomes £1.25, £40 becomes £50! Do opt for Gift Aid.

2. Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Another very simple way to help us during this year's Fundraiser is to set-up a Facebook Fundraiser. 100% of the funds raised via this method will go to Resonance, and it's a great way to let your Facebook contacts know about what Resonance means to you personally, whether you are a listener, programme-maker, or valued contributor. To get started, follow this link to Resonance FM's Facebook Fundraiser page: make sure you are logged in via your personal account, and select 'Raise Money' on the right hand side. From there, select Resonance and follow the instructions to select an amount and end date. You can also check out some of the existing fundraisers to get some inspiration. (NB - you cannot set-up a fundraiser as a page, you must set it up with your personal account). Click here for a detailed guide on How To Set Up A Facebook Fundraiser For Resonance.

3. Buy A Ticket To A Fundraising Event

If you are in or near London, why not buy a ticket to one of our Fundraising Events? This year Resonance’s volunteer programme-makers, engineers, former guests and listeners have all been involved in hosting a number of fantastic fundraising events, including film screenings, folk concerts and comedy. Why not mark the end of gloomy January by reserving tickets for you and friends to one of our charity events, in aid of a good cause? See the full list of events here, and do check back as more events are being added all the time.

4. Bid Speculatively in the Fundraising Auction

From 1st February our Fundraising Auction 2019 is live. Featuring hundreds of items kindly donated by Resonance volunteers, programme-makers and listeners, this is a unique opportunity to purchase rare items from the personal collections and networks of Resonance contributors.

5. Donate Your Own Items To Our Fundraiser

If you have a rare or valuable item that is spare or that you would be willing to donate and that we could sell in our Fundraiser, let us know! In the past we’ve successfully auctioned hundreds of weird and wonderful items, including original paintings, concert and theatre tickets, VIP passes, workshop places, home-cooked food, jewellery, recording studio time, sculptures, brand new and second hand electronics and speakers - so if you have an idea, do drop us a line on fundraising@resonancefm.com to discuss further.

6. Donate The Proceeds Of Your Own eBay Sales

Another way to help raise money for Resonance is to sell valuable items on our behalf via your own eBay account. Again, 100% of the money you choose to donate via this method will go to Resonance. Follow this link to our eBay for Charity (NB - our name on eBay is London Musicians Collective, the charity that runs Resonance) and add us to your favourites. Then sell an item as normal, selecting London Musicians Collective from the charities list and the percentage you wish to donate.

7. Check Out Our Online Store

Join comedian Stewart Lee, musicians Aki Onda and Chris Corsano, and many more famous Resonance FM T-shirt wearers by purchasing or gifting a Resonance FM or Resonance EXTRA t-shirt from our online Bandcamp store. T-shirts include an exclusive limited edition design by the legendary artist Peter Blake. Take a look!

8. Tell Your Followers To Tune In

Why not head over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right now and spread the word about our events, auction and special programming, with an invitation to your followers to make a donation?

9. Swap Amazon for Amazon Smile.

If you shop on Amazon then why not switch to AmazonSmile for your future purchases? Amazon will donate between 0.5% and 1.5% of the value of your purchases to Resonance if you visit http://smile.amazon.co.uk and select London Musicians Collective as your chosen charity.

10. Spread The Word

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, flatmates, collaborators and others close to you about our 2019 Fundraiser and what Resonance means to you. Personal stories like this eloquently attest to the many good reasons for all our fundraising efforts.

Thank you.

Peter Lanceley on behalf of Resonance