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Resofit - A Fundraising Comedy Night For Resonance FM - Returns Friday 13th October 2023

Resonance FM’s Fundraising Comedy Night “Resofit” returns to the Bloomsbury Theatre this Friday 13th October 2023. Tickets are on sale now.

Hosted by Resonance FM broadcaster Daniel Kitson, this October’s event features performances from Nish Kumar, Sam Campbell, Isy Suttie, Simon Munnery, Rob Auton, Mat Ewins, Celya AB, and (almost certainly) Rose Matafeo.

All proceeds will go directly to help our Campaign to Raise £100,000 in 2023 so that we can continue "operating in an enchanted realm of total creative freedom far beyond the ever-encroaching demographic and corporate timidities of either the BBC or commercial radio" (The Observer).

Non-Profit, Ad-Free, 24/7 Independent Radio

Resonance is a broadcaster like no other.

Every month, Resonance broadcasts a pioneering, award-winning and ever-evolving schedule of 100 regular series covering all kinds of topics: music, literature, fine art, radio art, theatre, film, video-games, field recordings, climate change, social justice, finance, international development, civil rights, technology - and so much more.

Every day of the year, 24 hours of original programming - entirely free of commercial influence - is broadcast and archived, with more than 34,000 programmes currently available to listen again on our Mixcloud, free to listen and ad-free, forever.

Supporting Musicians, Artists, Producers and Creators

Resonance is not just a radio station.

It is an invaluable cultural resource that directly and indirectly impacts on people’s lives. Over twenty one years, hundreds of people every week, and thousands each year, have volunteered their time to feature on our airwaves, visit our studios, produce programmes, engineer live bands, create jingles, perform live music and poetry, host and co-host programmes, conduct interviews, appear as guests - and, of course, listen live!  

Award-Winning Audio

Our impact was recognised by Audio UK in November 2022 when the station won the Gold Award for “Publisher or Network of the Year” at the Audio Production Awards, ahead of Sky News and TalkSport, with the judges saying:

“Highly creative, innovative, varied and engaging. This was audio of the highest quality, demonstrated through a range of formats and contributors. Resonance is a network which has overcome major practical challenges in the last year, yet still managed to deliver industry-leading content on a Community Radio budget" Audio UK

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Supporting Emerging Broadcasters, Producers and Artists

“I got involved in [Resonance FM programme] Smashing Records because I wanted to try something new out, to learn about my community as well as understanding people's disabilities. When I lost my job, Smashing Records kept me busy and not worrying about what's going to happen next because I know it's going to fall into place. What I learnt from being on the show weekly is to be more confident in myself and it's ok to make mistakes and don't be hard on yourself when you do make mistakes.” - Volunteer Paige Tribe

Supporting Emerging Broadcasters and Creatives

“Before I had heard of Resonance FM, I was lost at sea. My dreams of becoming a fully-fledged filmmaker were being placed on a raft to be sent to drift out into the beyond, as the doors into the industry slowly closed and responsibilities of fatherhood and husband-hood began to take hold. While I was still happy to focus on providing for my family, a part of me I never thought I showed even to my wife slowly died inside (though she would later go on to tell me she saw it in my sad smile everyday). Then in July 2017, fate intervened. Arriving earlier than usual to catch a flight overseas for my day job led to me having a conversation with a lady who was sat next to me. We talked films, tv shows and everything in between, whereupon she told me she was a volunteer sound engineer at Resonance FM and thought I would fit in as a radio presenter talking about films and tv shows.

Shoot The Breeze is our weekly one-hour talk radio show where we shoot the breeze with personalities from the film and tv world about their projects and their favourite films and tv shows.

Had I not sat next to Laura that day, I wouldn’t have heard of Resonance FM. I wouldn’t have met the wonderful people that run the station and keep the shows running. I wouldn’t have had any of the opportunities afforded to me since which have led to me developing two feature films which will shortly be in production.

A couple of years ago, my wife told me how glad she was that Resonance FM came into my life, because she feared the downward spiral for which I appeared to be heading. I can comfortably say - for me - Resonance FM saved my life, and I will forever be grateful to all involved for doing so.”

Marcus Ako, filmmaker and host of Shoot The Breeze

Documenting Our Creative History and Cultural Heritage

Resonance is not just a broadcaster.

It is a fluid and unbroken twenty-year audio documentary of the world’s arts and a diary of our cultural history. It offers unparalleled insight - like no other radio station ever could - into how UK’s creative and cultural life has evolved, how people live and create. And it underlines the essential and under-appreciated importance of the arts to public life. Our goal is to keep Resonance’s output available and make it as accessible as we can, for all. That is why we’ve made available more than 35,000 broadcasts on our Mixcloud - totally free and ad-free, forever.

Our Plans For 2023 And Beyond

The incredible collective efforts of our community of volunteers meant that our February 2023 fundraiser raised £22,500. Since then, we’ve raised a further £15,000 in donations. However as the cost of living rises, so does the cost of running our charity, particularly at a time when Resonance needs to rapidly relocate its premises and deliver the next three years of activity. If Resonance cannot raise further funds before the end of the 2023, its future is uncertain.

Raising a total of £100,000 before the end of 2023 would secure Resonance’s future and enable us to:

  • Complete our planned relocation to new premises in the London Bridge area.

  • Stay ad-free and independent and support the production of 24 hours per day of original “industry-leading” audio content across Resonance FM and Resonance EXTRA - broadcast day and night to our 1.8 million listeners.

  • Keep helping broadcasters like Paige and Marcus as well as other emerging producers, musicians, artists, engineers, as well as guests, and - of course - our listeners.

  • Keep rapidly-growing global experimental audio channel Resonance EXTRA on DAB in Brighton & Hove, Cambridge, Norwich and Greater London and online worldwide.

  • Preserve the more than 34,000 broadcasts archived on our Mixcloud pages, a nationally-important historical archive and a vital cultural resource.

  • Help maintain a bastion of independent media and a “thrillingly unpredictable racket” (Robin Ince, The Big Issue), free from outside interference and commercial influence, on DAB Digital Radio and FM - for many years to come!

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Become one of 100+ regular donors

With three years Arts Council England funding secure until 2026, Resonance plans to hit the ground running and raise £100,000 in 2023 to support our activities over the next three years.

To achieve that, monthly donations will be critical. Not only can monthly giving be more convenient for supporters, it also smooths our cash flow, allows us to budget more accurately and, critically, allows us to do better work overall, over a longer period, to support the Resonance community.

If you haven’t already joined us, please consider becoming a supporter with a monthly donation - starting at just £3 - today.

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London Musicians Collective Limited. Registered charity number 290236. Company Number 01557490 (England and Wales) at Resonance FM, Studio 1, 6-8 Cole Street, London SE1 4YH.

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