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24/7 independent radio

Resonance is a broadcaster like no other.

Every day of the year Resonance broadcasts 24 hours of original programming, entirely free of commercial influence. Our pioneering, award-winning and ever-evolving schedule of extraordinary broadcasts covers all kinds of topics. Not just music - from folk to feedback, avant-rock to free improv - but literature, fine art, theatre, film, video-games, field recordings, climate change, social justice, finance, international development, civil rights, technology, radio-art, and so much more.

Our live shows are all archived, with more than 34,000 programmes currently available to listen again on Mixcloud - free and ad-free, forever.

An award winning network

Resonance’s impact was recently recognised by the broadcast industry when - for the second year running - we won Gold as “Publisher or Network of the Year” at the 2023 Audio Production Awards, ahead of Audible, BBC Asian Network and Wondery. The judges’ verdict:

“This entry stood head and shoulders above the rest with its passion, innovation and ambition. The depth of content, the astonishing creativity and the dynamic production styles propelled this entry unanimously into the top spot - despite coming from a small organisation with limited resources.”  

Documenting our cultural history & creative heritage

Resonance is not just a broadcast platform.

It’s a fluid and unbroken 22 year audio documentary of the world’s arts and a diary of our cultural history. It offers unparalleled insight - like no other radio station could - into how our country’s creative and cultural life has evolved. How people live and create. And it underlines the essential and under-appreciated importance of the arts to public life.

Our goal is to keep Resonance’s output available and make it as accessible as we can, for everybody to enjoy. That is why we’ve made available more than 35,000 broadcasts on our Mixcloud - totally free and ad-free, forever.

Support Our Work

Support our original programming

Resonance broadcasts an award-winning and ever-evolving schedule of over 100 regular series spanning all kinds of music, literature, contemporary art and culture, environmental and social issues, finance, international development, technology, film, radio-art, field recording, videogames - and so much more. The Resonance FM schedule includes

A Duck In A Tree | A World In London | Adventures In Sound and Music | The Ambrosia Rasputin Show | Around The World With The Lallas | Art Monthly Talk Show | Artrocker Radio | Arty Facts | Aufbau | Bad Punk | Balling The Jack | Calling All Pensioners | Club Integral | The Curtain Up Show | Daydreaming Machine | Devil's Dancers | Dig That Treasure | Drift Shift | Far Side Radio | Fieldnotes | Fog Cast | framework | Gate Kicks | Grime for the Unconverted | Gwaith Sŵn's Sonic Darts | Haunted Network Research Initiative | The Hello Goodbye Show | Into The Moss | Intoxica Radio Hour | Is Black Music | Isolation Vacation | Isotopica | JazznewbloodTAPES | K-Pop Journey | Kitchen Magic Time | Langham Research Centre | Late Lunch With Out To Lunch | Listen. Let's Talk | Literary London | Little Atoms | The London Ear | Make Your Own Damn Music | Modulisme | MOOAR Residency | MSCTY Radio Tokyo | The Naked Short Club | The News Agents | Nostalgie Ya Mboka | Nunhead American Radio | One Life Left | The Organ Presents The Other Rock Show | Our Tales On Midnight Radio | The Outerglobe | Panel Borders | Password | Polifony | Psyché Tropes | Pull The Plug | Radia | Radio Ecoshock | Raft | Records Comic, Curious and Cracked | The Relatively Good Radio Show | Restart Radio | Robyn Rocket's Zoom Zoom | Rockfort | Safe + Sound | The Sampler Mixtape | SHAPE | Shoot The Breeze | Sitting With Gianluca | Sleeping Dogs Lie | Sonic Imperfections | Spizz FM | Steep Incline |  The Sound Projector | Such Music | Synaptic Island | The Traditional Music Hour | Transmitter | Tunes From Turtle Island | Ukrainian Field Notes | Unusual Music Exchange | VOIXXE | Wavelength | The Workplace

And on SSDAB Resonance EXTRA, the radical alternative to the alternative and  freeform home of radio-art and sound-art, features

Connections to Sound | Discrepancies | Dronica | Earth Tones | Estuary Magic | Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit | female:pressure | First Light's Third Space | Gravity Waves and The Spirit World | The Infinite Inward | Injazero | Late Works | Littoral Transmissions | Maximum Rocknroll Radio | Mitamine Lab | Naviar Broadcast | Old Dreams for a New Age | Radio Concrete | Radio Picnic | Resistance Through Ritual  | Shimmering Moods Records | Shuffle | Socialist Realness | Sonic Commune | Unexplained Sounds | walkplacedistancetime | Worthwhile Unions

Our plans for 2024 and beyond

The incredible collective efforts of our community of volunteers meant that our February 2023 fundraiser raised £22,500. Since then, we’ve raised a further £15,000 in donations. However as the cost of living rises, so does the cost of running our charity, particularly at a time when Resonance needs to equip its new premises and deliver the next three years of independent broadcast activity.

Raising £100,000 now would secure Resonance’s future and enable us to:

  • Equip our new broadcast studio in central London.

  • Stay ad-free and independent and support the production of 24 hours per day of original industry-leading audio content on Resonance FM and Resonance EXTRA - broadcast day and night to 1.8 million listeners.

  • Keep providing a live platform for our broadcasters as well as for other emerging producers, musicians, artists, engineers, their guests, and - of course - our listeners.

  • Offer free training to new and emerging broadcasters and offer more opportunities to aspiring programme makers.

  • Keep rapidly-growing global experimental audio channel Resonance EXTRA on DAB in Brighton & Hove, Cambridge, Norwich and Greater London and online worldwide.

  • Preserve the more than 34,000 broadcasts archived on our Mixcloud - a nationally-important historical archive and a vital cultural resource.

  • Help maintain a bastion of independent media and the “thrillingly unpredictable racket” (Robin Ince The Big Issue) that is Resonance -  free from outside interference and commercial influence, on DAB Digital Radio and FM for many years to come!

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Become one of our Regular Donors

With Arts Council England funding secure until 2027, Resonance still needs to build on this support to maintain and extend our activities over the next three years.

To achieve that, monthly donations are critical. Not only can monthly giving be more convenient for supporters, it also eases our cash flow, allows us to budget more accurately and, critically, allows us to do better work overall, over a longer period, to support the Resonance community of makers and listeners.

If you haven’t already joined us, please consider becoming a supporter with a monthly donation - starting at just £3 - today. Thank you!

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Resonance FM and Resonance Extra are projects of London Musicians Collective Limited. Registered charity number 290236. Company Number 01557490 (England and Wales) at 7 Risborough Street, London SE1 0HF.

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